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Fully Alive: Reclaim your Well-being, Vitality and Joy from within

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You are meant to thrive and feel happy. What is preventing you?

The essence of healing lies in your heart. Once your heart opens and life-force is flowing through you again, you experience a profound shift in your well-being and healing process.

This day-long self–healing retreat is a powerful opportunity to restore your body and heal your heart in deep essential ways. We invite you to transform your core patterns which are currently holding you back in your life to step more fully into your authentic life's expression.

We will support you in unraveling the unquestioned beliefs and undigested emotions within you. We will invite your body and heart to unwind its deep-seated tensions; thus, allowing your essence to come alive, enabling you to heal and create the life you long for.

During our time together you will  breathe into your belly’s fullness - turn your wounding into your medicine  - connect with deeper joy in your heart - open into new possibilities - discover deeper trust and openness....and listen how your wildness speaks to YOU.

As you unlock the held and frozen life energy within you, greater vitality and well-being return to you and you discover  the healing power of your heart. 

This self-healing journey invites you to:

  • turn your core patterns of stress into vital energy

  • transform difficult emotions into new possibilities

  • reconnect to what is meaningful in your life

  • deepen your trust in life and your connection to Spirit

  • access your life-force and create the life you long for

  • claim your birthright of thriving health and fulfilled life

Location: Fully Alive Healing Center in San Anselmo
Contribution: $125 before Dec. 24th, $150 after (includes a nourishing lunch)
Register: call 415.342.0413 or visit