The Xia Yuan method works on the pure original Qi of the five Yin organs, and in turn will also have effects on the six Yang organs which are closely connected with them. This method can strengthen organ Qi and connect and regulate the pure original Qi of the organs in the body.

The design of this method draws on a wide range of teachings and methods in wisdom culture, from traditional to modern with the creator’s personal application and profound understanding. Sounds, mind activity, visualization and hand forms are used to improve the pure original Qi of the organs. The purpose of this method is to strengthen the functions of the organs, prevent organ illness and continually improve their health.

In the Yuan Gong system, there are three stages with three methods in each stage. The Fourth Method is a basic method in the Second Stage – Internal Transformation Stage. [Note: The First Stage is the External Transformation Stage which is mainly for the improvement and strengthening of the physical body, including skin, muscles, tendons, sinews, bones, and the physical aspect of the organs.] This method is the bridge between the first three methods and the Fifth Method. It helps advance one’s Qigong level built by the practice of the first three methods and further deepen their effects. The practice of the Fourth Method also builds the foundation for subsequent methods.

Xia Yuan can activate and move the pure original Qi of the organs quickly and strongly so it can have obvious effects on improving organ Qi. It is a simple method that is relatively easy to learn and practise. It is designed to be efficient so the practice is relatively short. The practice of Xia Yuan also gives rise to strong Qi sensations.