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Raindrop Technique inspired Healing

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Learn the art of healing touch and how to apply essential oils to the body for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. This will be a wonderful opportunity to awaken your healing energy, deepen your connection to the sacredness of your body and learn how to give and receive!

This workshop is intended to ignite the healing power of your listening touch and presence while teaching you how to apply therapeutic grade essential oils onto the body for deep physical, emotional and spiritual healing. For true healing to occur the depth of our inner connection and listening is equally important to the healing technique. We bring to you the balance of cultivating your inner healing capacity while learning an effective healing technique.

The Raindrop Technique (RT) was developed by Gary Young, ND and a Lakota medicine man more than two decades ago. It uses a sequence of nine highly immune enhancing essential oils. RT is a powerful, non-invasive tool to correct and heal defects in the curvature of the spine. We use RT in conjunction with our approach to integrative bodywork to create deep healing and transformation.

This workshop is open to anyone without any previous experience needed. Our method of integrative bodywork can be a wonderful healing way of practicing giving and receiving with your loved one and your friends. And it can be a powerful tool to use with your clients to access deeper levels of healing.

We continue to be inspired by the healing powers of plants, herbal medicines and essential oils in conjunction to the healing power of an open heart.

In this workshop you will learn...
·      About the nine primary therapeutic essential oils used in RT
·      How to use additional essential oils in RT to deepen the physical and emotional healing
·      Integrative bodywork techniques to balance your body structurally and energetically
·      Listening techniques for cultivating your intuitive knowing of where touch is needed
·      Attunement techniques to better sense your recipient's emotional field    
·      Self-centering techniques to ground and connect with your own healing energies
·      Specific hands-on healing techniques to specifically support your spinal alignment
·      Dowsing techniques to help you find the appropriate oils you need

Where: Fully Alive Healing Center, 200 Saunders Ave., San Anselmo, CA
Registration: Please RSVP us as soon as possible as space is limited to 12 participants

Regular $330
Early Registration before 2/10/18 - $285
Healers in Training $250 (before 2/10/18)
For couples we offer an additional 10% discount
Plus $45 for using our oils during the workshop, else bring your own
Lunch: For an organic delicious soup and salad lunch on both days, add $28