In the field of utter coherence healing occurs naturally. When our body, qi and consciousness are aligned with the infinite healing Qi field miracles happen.


Yi Qi Therapy is a radical approach to healing yourself through qi and consciousness. Through the power of true thought and clear intention new possibilities for healing arise. Yi Qi Therapy aims at a total alignment between you and your true healing potential.

Yi Qi Therapy focuses on healing through Qi, your life force energy and its information. Yi Qi therapy aims to align your mind, body and heart with the Qi field of total healing information, which contains within it total perfection and the possibility for complete healing. Yi Qi Therapy takes place in one-to-one sessions to meet your individual needs and also in group settings.

Essential to Yi Qi Therapy is cultivating a state of open receptivity. This inner state allows for the deepest transmission and penetration of universal healing Qi to your body-mind. It is the power of your true thought and your clear intention for healing that allows unhealthy and self-destructive belief patterns to dissolve and healing to unfold.


Yi Qi Therapy can be done in one-on-one sessions or in qi healing circles. In a Yi Qi Healing Circle, we gather as a like-minded community to co-create a powerful healing Qi field to invoke total healing. When we sit together in deep alignment, with our hearts and minds wide open, an extraordinary healing potential spontaneously arises.


Yi Qi Therapy is ideal for you, if you desire to be more empowered on your own healing journey or to take it to the next level. It can practically heal and improve any health condition you might be struggling with. Yi Qi Therapy expands your conditioned perception of healing altogether and awakens the healer within.