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My work with Saša has been life-transforming. In my session, trauma held for nine years released through her touch gracefully. My body felt new in a way that had not been remembered. I found the still center inside of me that “knows” how to awaken the rest of me, my heart and my body into awareness… into health…If you have an opportunity to work with Saša I encourage you to commit the time and resources. Your soul will know what it has found.
— D. S., reconnection practitioner
Our deepest longing is to come home to who we are. Precious and few are the people who can facilitate this journey. Hasso is one of these rare individuals. I have experienced deep healing as a result of working with him and will be forever grateful. Thank you Hasso.
— M. O., RN & Life Coach
It was during a period where an old life threatening trauma had been deeply and unexpectedly triggered that I came to Saša. I needed and wanted to take ownership of my experience. Her hands and her attention through each chakra center, from head to root chakra and back up guided the way. I spoke the few words I felt to speak, and felt the feelings that were in my body to feel. She held the session in a respectful, supportive role of experienced and open witness, adding her hands to mine and setting the safe space for me to unfold. Together, in the course of 2 hours, we miraculously restored a very workable peace in body and mind. Thank You!
— Charlotte Fuller
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Hasso. He is extremely meticulous, caring, knowledgeable and educated in the health of the human body. He helped me immensely where many others had failed. It was my good fortune that I was referred to him and I refer my clients to him with confidence.
— C. G., CMT
SOMA Structural Bodywork has been a life-changing experience for me. After the first session I walked much better on a 20-year-old knee injury - a problem the MD told me to “live with” - and that knee continues to remain stable months later!
— A.S., CPA
I knew SOMA Unwinding Process was something I needed to do to make that next step in my personal growth and to address my health issues. It was extremely helpful in becoming more in tune with my body. Saša is very professional and yet very tuned in to each person she works with. I recommend her very highly.
— K. S., Investment Consultant
“Connecting solidly, listening, supporting the breath wave... And suddenly…Falling into Silence…Flooded with Love. In amaze at the vibrant life of the being/body under my hands. So beautiful, so intimate, so healing.
— S.H., Ph.D. P.E.
I came to Hasso because I was always tired, very weak, unable to sleep, fuzzy-headed, and very susceptible to viruses. Through lab diagnostics and muscle testing, he was able to determine that I had several food sensitivities, depleted nutrients, and some low functioning organs and glands. Through his guidance, I started taking Standard Process whole food supplements and changed my diet significantly. Sixteen months later, I am completely well – even better than before. I have lots of energy. I am strong, clear-headed, and healthy. I highly recommend Hasso. He is knowledgeable in multiple healing modalities, compassionate, and collaborative.
— D. B., Director of Catalyst Coaching & Training
Saša is a skilled, talented and evocative teacher and bodyworker. She has helped me access a new alignment to my core energy, bringing a connection to the power and grace locked within. Her gentle touch, joyful and clear teaching style has brought me to a strong compassionate relationship with my body. She has such a deep respect for the body as a source of power, balance, and fluidity. She meets each student at their edge and draws them naturally into expanded spaces.
— F. S., Counselor
I have found Hasso’s meticulous work to be exceptional, his work is AMAZING. When I came to him originally, I was experiencing severe fatigue. It was hard for me to walk up stairs, see clearly and even think at the level I am used to doing and need to do for my work. He was meticulous in working with me to discover the causative factors of my issues. I deeply trust his expertise and have experienced excellent results. I very much appreciate that he is so collaborative in his approach to creating wellness in the human body. He has a huge matrix of expertise in various healing modalities that work together for the Highest Good. I am very particular about who I work with and Hasso is my most preferred provider. I am extremely grateful for his superb work in helping me regain my health.
— A.W.S., CEO of Catalyst Coaching & Training
I feel marvelous after the cleanse and am incorporating so much of the cleanse diet into my daily regime. Also the Nutritional Kinesiology testing that Hasso has done with me afterwards and the care with which he works with the continuing changes in my body’s response to the supplements I am taking makes me feel more taken care of and more cared about than I have ever felt from a medical care practitioner before.
— S. S., Non-profit Coordiantor
I did the Standard Process Purification Cleanse with Hasso in the fall of 2009. I wanted to eliminate late night snacking and possibly lose a couple of pounds. I was very happy with the results. The cleanse itself was very easy to manage and I was never hungry. In fact, I felt totally satisfied all the time and I liked it so much that I continued with the basic diet and the shakes even after it was over. I look forward to participating in the next cleanse with Hasso, who is very knowledgeable and offers relevant support to all participants.
— B. R., Qi Gong teacher
As a 17-year-old girl I am surrounded by people passively stereotyping me. It’s no secret that I stuggled, but instead of trying to help me, everyone I met would treat me like just another teenager with self-esteem issues and an eating disorder. Hasso was the first person to recognize my need for human connection, compassion and an integrated treatment plan. I am lucky to have found him at the time I had, because I am sure I would have gotten progressively worse instead of better. Hasso helped me realize I wanted to heal and provided me with the means to do so. I am very grateful for his patience, empathy and persistence.
— K.R-H., High School Student
SOMA Structural Bodywork has been the most transformative bodywork I’ve ever experienced. After years of chronic pain due to plantar fasciatis Saša’s intuitive touch and skill released my pain and freed up my whole body. I implicit trust in Saša and refer my therapeutic students to her regularly.
— R. R., certified yoga therapist
I have just attended Hasso’s introductory workshop on Chi Nei Tsang. Extraordinary! This is profound, life-changing work and Hasso teaches it in a safe and encouraging environment. His knowledge and expertise is impressive, and he is able to distill complex information into a language and demonstration that makes it easy to grasp and digest. I and so many others were deeply moved by the deep levels of connection and release we were able to achieve in just a single day. This work is a blessing and I encourage anyone interested in healing on the deepest level to explore this work with him. It is a treasure.
— M. F., President of Universal Green Marketing & TV show producer
Bodywork and movement with Saša has been a passage home to comfort and ease in my body. Her strong intuition and knowledge of the body allow her to attune to levels I’d never consciously experienced. It’s like waking up to what I’d forgotten an effortless, spiraling into open breathing embodied presence. Saša embodies what she teaches.
— E. D., Psychotherapist
Thank you so much for the fabulous weekend, I feel terrific and so much clearer and grounded. I look forward to our next retreat. Please offer more of these fabulous weekends...I have a lot of energy – I’m not hungry – and have more flexibility.
— T. B., Fully Alive Rejuvenation Cleanse Participant
Saša’s work is a deep and intuitive exploration of body unwinding. I always feel transformed through the release and openness that she helps me find.
— S. S., Network Chiropractic
My cleanse went very well. I lost about 7.5 pounds and considerable amount of inches. I feel great — more energy, and all around better. Loved getting back to a healthy eating style — and that will continue. My energy has improved, also a considerable amount.
— R. S., Fully Alive Rejuvenation Cleanse Participant
SOMA Unwinding Process allowed me to let go of much old trauma my body had held onto for much of my life. I now experience a flexible spine and my posture holds a completely new meaning for me and my body.
— L. K., Nutritional Coach
Saša is exquisite in her ability to reveal the body wisdom. Her workshops are remarkably transformative.
— D. W., Yoga Instructor

"Because of my sessions with Hasso, I feel like I have been born again and am living new patters that heal my total being. During the sessions, Hasso guided my spirit body and mind to a new found space of incredible health. My first session with him was for nutritional healing. He intuited what my body needed (through nutritional kinesiology) in order to be in harmony. He then gave my body (food based) supplements (and herbal extracts) to come back into balance. During the following sessions Hasso would again listen to my body and change or add supplements. After each session I would feel healthier and healthier. It was truly amazing! I next began ‘Core Unwinding’ sessions with Hasso. He was able to guide me, to get rid of my deep seated emotional blocks (by connecting with them). In addition, the 'Core Unwinding’ altered my physical structure so that my body could release unwanted holding patterns. My physical movements actually became fluid once again! As a result of the ‘Raindrop Technique’ essential oil sessions we did, my spine came back into proper alignment. Also, my body was able to rid itself of bacteria along my spine. I realize now that when my total being is in harmony, it is at peace and I feel ecstatic. What a pleasure! Hasso is a great listener and communicator. He was born with with this rare energy that can intuit what one needs to heal. He just senses and knows. My life is so much happier and healthier because of him. I am truly thankful that we were guided to cross each others paths in this lifetime."

-  Suzanne Frazer, Art Designer

"I feel extremely grateful for the journey we have taken together. I know I have given my very best and I know that you applied your skills, knowledge, and heart in a profound way to support my healing. I am so grateful that I feel stable and I am able to return to a functional daily routine and to my social life. I feel my system is so much more nourished!!! Thanks to this program I also made a 180 degree turn in terms of important life habits including my diet, emotional reality, and exercise. I know I have still ways to go in the process to experience a sense of thriving and a deeper sense of stability…I am so grateful for Sasha and her presence that in itself also helped nourish me back to myself. I sincerely hope and look forward to a time I can do some work with her….I send you and Sasha my very best and my deepest gratitude!"
- Aviva Lev David, Mother