The greatest promise of life is that we can heal our own pain and suffering. You can learn how to gather qi as nourishment for your body, mind and spirit, and how to cultivate inner resources to heal your life.


Di Yuan is a ‘Three Forms in One’ standing form practice. It is designed to strengthen the three Dantians, and is an important foundational method. In the spectrum between Moving Qigong and Still Qigong, Di Yuan belongs more to Still Qigong. It can be practiced in combination with Tian Yuan to make a balanced practice and can also be practised individually. Di Yuan practice also lays the foundation for the success of the practice of other Yuan Gong methods.


1.     The required standing posture, with the specific use of the consciousness, can strengthen the physical body and make improvement on the muscular-skeletal level.

2.     Di Yuan is to activate and gather Qi effectively in all three Dantians. They are worked on together in an orderly manner in order to strengthen them and activate transformation in them. It is so designed because the three Dantians are main Qi gathering areas for the Qi of the physical body (Lower Dantian), organ Qi (Middle Dantian) and Shen and the consciousness (Upper Dantian). They can be seen as Qi storehouses or distribution centers. This design reflects the Ren Xue principle of ‘respecting and observing the nature of totality and the laws of life’.

3.     It uses Dantian Breathing creatively to make the practice safer, more efficient, effective and manageable. Using Dantian breathing properly in standing form practice can help improve one’s focus. It is also helpful for keeping Shen and Qi inside the body, and for unifying Jing, Qi and Shen. This way Qi gathered from the universe can be further processed and transformed so the Qi in the Dantians will be imprinted with the practitioner’s own qualities and become more nourishing.  

4.      Di Yuan can help open the shoulders, neck, lower back and hips.

5.      Like Tian Yuan, it can also be varied according to the conditions and needs of the practitioner to achieve effects of different depths.

Di Yuan can be practiced on its own or in combination with the Tian Yuan. It is also a method that prepares for the subsequent methods in the system. The practice of Di Yuan can help make other methods more effective. Sustained practice of this method can also help one raise the level of Qigong practice.