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Awakening your Sacred Feminine: New Moon Women Circle

Enter this holy place
called your body
bow to your barefeet
and let yourself be moved
by the feeling in your heart
there is a silent wisdom

hidden in the stories of your life:
your grief and your joy,
your disappointments and your hope reborn

Are the fabric of your belonging
To this world
So take them close in
And let them open you
Into deeper love inside of you
That love that knows
Your true inheritance
The wild beauty inside you
That breathes you awake

New Moon invites us to honor the sacredness of our body and our feminine spirit. This is a powerful time to connect with what is essential to us and to clarify our heart intentions.

In this evening we will enter a deeper conversation of our hearts that is vital and alive, and that opens us into a deeper connection with our spiritual powers as women.

The space of deep listening and safety we co-create allows us to intimately meet our own heart and share from our empowered, free and essential self.

Simple yet profound practices of presence connect us to the living wisdom of our bodies and hearts and teach us how to draw guidance for our lives from our inner connection.

I am looking forward to being with you in the sacred healing space!

Where: Fully Alive Healing Center, 200 Saunders Ave, San Anselmo
Contribution: $15-$25 sliding scale
Registration: call 415.342.0413