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Ling Yuan Qigong: Living from your True Self


Uncover deeper joy, aliveness and meaning of every moment… because you are meant to thrive and be happy.

The sacred lives in our heart. It is our inner capacity to meet life with a radically open present heart. Once our heart becomes  available to ourselves and life again, we experience a profound shift in our well-being and our capacity to experience love, joy and sacred connection.

In this one day workshop we will utilize life-cultivation practices of meditation, mindfulness, Qigong, inner heart cultivation to connect with your true authentic feelings  and shift your self-limiting patterns and emotions  into a new vision that is fully honoring your essence and your full potential.

We will  guide you to enter into a deeper dialog with your heart to transform old pain and grief into renewed trust, inner peace and presence. By reconnecting to your  wellspring of aliveness every moment becomes sacred again. In the inner space of your open heart your life can heal and change into a truly joyous and miraculous experience.

This will be a deep transformational day of opening our hearts and coming home to ourselves. We will weave together moving Qigong with deep meditations and self-inquiry process.

Contribution: $125, bring a friend receive a discount of $25

We will have a healthy vegan meal for everyone.

We look forward being with you!

Saša and Hasso