Sai Shakti Healing is an ancient science of the soul. Through transmitting energy to the energy centers of the body, blockages from heartbreaking or negative experiences can be removed. By gently returning to the natural state of being, healing takes place from the inside out.


How Sai Shakti Healing Works ?

Sai Shakti Healing is a healing science developed by the ancient sages that can be used to heal and transform any aspect of your life. Sai Shakti Healing works at the root level of disease, problems and obstacles in your life by empowering your own soul with cosmic healing energy.

The journey of our soul is the reason we are in a body on Earth.  Your soul journey is unique and precious. Sai Shakti Healing enlivens the spark of your soul so it will heal and transform whatever challenges you are facing. Sai Shakti Healing energy can be transmitted to a client in person or at a distance. The Sai Shakti Healer uses mantra (sacred vibration) and yantra (sacred form) to access divine channels of healing energy.  This cosmic healing energy is then transmitted to you to address exactly what you need.


The Benefits of Sai Shakti Healing:

•               Improves all areas of life - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual

•               Heals and empowers women, pregnant mothers, and children

•               Releases heartbreak, depression, and negative relationships

•               Clears personal blocks such as fear, anxiety, jealousy

•               Brings prosperity and success in business and personal life

•               Creates protection and brings relief from negative energies

•               Raises your soul vibration

•               Heals abuse, abandonment and childhood wounds