There is a healing intelligence within our body that carries the seed of our total well-being. Healing occurs when we activate the breath of life that flows through each cell of our body and reunify our awareness with its Source. As our body unwinds its deep-seated tension patterns and layers of unprocessed emotions, our energy becomes available to us for healing and creating the life we long for.

My work with Saša has been life-transforming. Trauma held for nine years released through her touch gracefully. My body felt new in a way that hadn’t been remembered. I found the still center inside of me that “knows” how to awaken the rest of me, my heart and my body into awareness...into health...If you have an opportunity to work with Saša I encourage you to commit the time and resources. Your soul will know what it has found.
— D.S. reconnection practitioner


Holistic healing sessions are integration of integrative bodywork, cranio-sacral healing, somatic counseling and soul work. They are individually designed to facilitate your healing and thriving process in the deepest way possible. 

These sessions are a place for you to let go and enter a sincere dialog with your own heart and body. They are an invitation for you to create a new relationship with yourself, your body and your life that is truly nourishing, vital and empowering.


The body is the feminine principle. There is a deep well of power, love and intuitive knowing in a woman’s body, often untapped and forgotten through our conditioning. Her body is every woman’s direct connection to the source, to the earth’s healing energies and to her inherent creative power. It is a catalyst into the primordial feminine remembering where profound healing and transformation are possible.

In order to reclaim our feminine power we are called to heal our connection with our body. The feminine power lives in our bodies. 


These healing sessions offer you an opportunity to reawaken your natural healing energies within you; they offer you resources to heal your body, mind and heart.

In the space of deep relaxation, safety and trust, as we meet our bodymind with unconditional open presence, we can begin to access our deeper natural energy, our inherent wholeness and well-being.

Layer by layer the body and heart unwind their deep tension patterns of stress until the core held places are being touched and invited into softening. Our body gradually begins to breathe again in its uninhibited way… allowing our life-force energy to flow freely again.

We listen to the unheard, remember the forgotten, allow the forbidden, hold the tender, invite the wild voice of our soul to come forth and be known.


Healing occurs through the re-connection with our healing intelligence and our natural life-force of our well-being within.

Through the release of the holding patterns in our somato-emotional field we unlock our body’s innate wisdom of what it needs to heal and to fully thrive. The gateway of the heart becomes open as we transform the unquestioned beliefs and unresolved emotional experiences into self-empowered ways of being and new possibilities.

Once our energy and our body tissues have been cleared from their pain patterns, our connection to our true feeling is restored. A profound sense of freedom, peacefulness and joy begin to arise within us as our essential feminine nature comes alive and thrives again.