Learning Qigong in a one-on-one setting is the fastest and the most effective way to get your practice off the ground. Not only we give you personal guidance but also we design for you a Qigong practice that is most beneficial and resonant to your body.

Our personal Qigong lessons will support you greatly in gaining a deeper hands-on understanding of the different techniques we teach while taking your personal limitations and desires into consideration as well. Personal instructions are aiming to support you in developing your own thriving Qigong practice. At its core Yuan Gong is truly enjoyable and its health benefits are enormous!


Tian Yuan Method works by using consciousness to guide Qi with the help of physical movements in order to expand the internal Qi out and draw in external Qi. A large amount of Qi can be gathered effectively and efficiently, which can in turn improve the flow of Qi and blood and the functions of the body.

Di Yuan Method is a standing form. Almost all the traditional and modern Qigong systems emphasize the importance of standing forms as a foundation practice, this also applies to Yuan Gong. The Second Method is a ‘Three Dantian Standing Form’.

Ren Yuan Method is designed to work on Qi (life energy), Shen (consciousness) and Xing (body and its movement).  This method includes healing of the skin, muscles, tendons and sinews, blood vessels, bones and all of the organs by opening up the meridians and promoting the flow of Qi. Ren Yuan effects deep changes of Qi in the physical body and therefore is profoundly beneficial to overall health.  Ren Yuan has 18 parts to it. 

Xia Yuan method The Xia Yuan method works on the pure original Qi of the five Yin organs, and in turn will also have effects on the six Yang organs which are closely connected with them. This method can strengthen organ Qi and connect and regulate the pure original Qi of the organs in the body.

Tong Yuan Method works on cultivating our heart and its essential qualities of: Trust, Openness, Love, Gratitude and Respect/Humility. These inner qualities are essential for a healthy, happy and peaceful living. As we embark on cultivating our inner heart we are able to shed old pain and open ourselves to greater joy and love.

Ling Yuan Method works directly with our consciousness. It helps us transform our unhealthy patterns on a deep level. Through a deep meditative state we are able to release old conditioned ways of being and discover true Self, our true essence.