What is a thriving health?

Health for us is not only about living symptom-free but about feeling happy, fulfilled and inspired by the life we are creating and living. It is our intention to support you as whole being, that means metabolically, structurally, energetically, emotionally as well as spiritually. It is our experience that healing unfolds one layer at a time. We believe that you are capable of completely healing yourself and your life when you receive the right support. We are here for you and are committed to guiding you through every step of your healing journey.

What does it look like and feel like to live a truly healthy and thriving life?

·       You are happy with a deep sense of inner peace and joy available to you.
·       Your body is healthy and you can pursue the things you truly enjoy.
·       Your emotions are balanced, and you feel a deep sense of contentment.
·       You are connected with your creative power and are living your purpose.
·       You are attuned to your body and know what choices are good for you.
·       You feel radiant, grateful and fulfilled.

What are the seven pillars of healing?

Through many years of working with clients we realized the importance of addressing the whole of a person and the whole of one's life to truly make deep long lasting changes. That inspired us to create a comprehensive healing process in which we can address all different aspects of one's well-being. The seven pillars of thriving health embrace and support our body,mind, heart and soul to fully heal and thrive. They are:

1.     Nutritional Balancing
2.     Emotional Health
3.     Body-Mind Integration
4.     Lifestyle Coaching
5.     Exercise Routine
6.     Living Environment
7.     Soul Connection

1.     Nutritional Balancing:

a.     Bio-Energetic Balancing/Morphogenetic Field Therapy: Metabolic Balancing through individualized nutritional protocols we create to balance your body back to optimal health

b.     Diet Counseling

i.      Is your diet truly nourishing
ii.     What do you eat you and how can you optimize your nutritional intake
iii.    What are your food cravings and food sensitivities
iv.    What are your habits around foods that want to be healed
v.     What kind of water are you drinking and how much

2.     Emotional Health

Emotional health is essential. How we feel day by day affects every cell of our body and thus our health as well as the quality of our life. It is essential to clear painful emotions and transform limiting beliefs.

The areas we address in emotional healing are:

a.     How does your creativity flow in your life
b.     What brings joy to your heart
c.     How do your relationships nourish you
d.     What emotional patterns are driving your life
e.     How do you hold your emotional stress in your body

3.    Body-Mind Integration

Body–mind integration practices include integrative bodywork, qigong, emotional clearing to support a healthy body, mind and spirit. Our injuries, traumas, beliefs and held emotions often manifest as health challenges. By releasing the held tension and pain from our body and re-connecting to a deeper stillness inside, we allow the body-mind to heal and access a deeper peace, aliveness and thriving life.

The practices we offer are:

a.     Structural Integration
b.     Chi Nei Tsang
c.     Somatic Unwinding
d.     Zero Balancing
e.     Raindrop Technique
f.      Yuan Gong Qigong

4.     Lifestyle: How daily activities play a major role in your overall health. How we spend every moment of our lives matters greatly. Ideally your lifestyle is invoke peace of mind, an open heart, nourishing relationship, ahealthy relationship to your body and passionate purpose. We will be taking a closer look at your:

Daily routines and rhythms and how they effect you
Blood sugar balance throughout your day
Ability to modulate stress more efficiently and create deeper states of relaxation
Sleep rhythm and how you can recharge more efficiently

5.     Exercise Routine/Personal Fitness

Having a personal exercise routine is part of a comprehensive approach to keep your health in a state of dynamic balance to meet the daily demands on your body-mind. We will be looking at:

a.     What exercise suits you best
b.     Assist you in developing your personal qigong practice which we consider a foundation to good health
c.     Explore the option of adding a Bellicon Mini Trampoline practice to your daily routine to add even more low stress but high fitness impact to your life
d.     Other body work that might be balancing to you during this time of building or maintaining your body's balance

6.    Your Living Environment

Creating an optimal home environment for you by following Vaastu (Eastern Indian geomancy) principles. This includes looking at how the elements and directions play out in your home and how to best align them for you in order to promote greater well-being and happiness.

7.    Your Soul Connection

Your soul knows what you came here to do. It knows your destiny and how to fulfill it in a most graceful, joyful and fulfilling way. Sometimes we lose connection with it or the pain in our lives disconnects us with that deeper inner guidance. Thus, our energy and creativity get stuck and we experience separation from the source. In Soul Connection work we help you find that most intimate connection with the Source again. Both through deep inquiry, life coaching as well as through soul healing energy work we help you embark on the sacred journey back home.