Your body has an innate intelligence for how to return you to wholeness. When you fully meet the feelings that are alive in your body, you can naturally access your body's living wisdom and experience the profundity of how movement and awareness can heal.



The Embodiment Process is a movement inquiry that connects you to your authentic self by honoring the profound wisdom that's alive in your body.

By integrating the practices of Authentic Movement, Five Rhythms and Gestalt Inquiry Process, the Embodiment Process utilizes the healing power of yourpresence and your body's own inner authentic movement to enable you to unwind unprocessed emotions and complete any unfinished threads that are limiting you.

The gift of being fully present, when you are grounded in your body and connected with your heart, is that you can let go of old emotional responses and imprints. You are empowered to step into your authentic expression, which reveals to you new possibilities for meeting life.


Being Embodied means being fully available to your own life and experience. When you live an embodied life, you are connected with your authentic feelings. You feel grounded in your body, and you are able to respond to life in the moment. When you are embodied, you can enter into an authentic connection with others. You are able to be touched by others and are willing to touch others. It is in that deep authentic exchange between one another that your heart grows and expands into a deeper experience of compassion, love and gratitude. 


The Embodiment Process involves deeply empowering one-on-one sessions that support you in becoming truly embodied - physically, emotionally and mindfully. It is a journey home to a fully feeling heart, an authentically expressive grounded body, and a clear, peaceful mind, where we peel away layer by layer your conditioned limiting patterns and discover the fully alive authentic you.

Your body has an innate intelligence for how to unwind traumas and shed old skins that are no longer serving you.

Places in you that have been hurt, violated or shut down long to be met fully with an open heart and an open mind. They want to have their voice and complete permission to be known. The moment you hold them with acceptance and love, they begin to transform and integrate into your wholeness. The energy that has been frozen inside you is now available to you, and so is your inner aliveness and zest for life.

Sessions will complete with time for inner reflection, offering you a place of deep quiet and integration. This is a time of harvesting and of deepening your listening in regard to what in you wants to be lived more fully.


The Embodiment Process is a somato-emotional journey that helps you gain greater freedom and authenticity in how you meet your life.

As you fully meet your own heart through your body and move through blocked energies, you naturally open into new possibilities of experiencing yourself, relating to others and living fully. Your authentic dance that arises from within you becomes your medicine and your greatest teacher.