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Summer Feminine Renewal Retreat

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In the heart of the feminine there is an untethered wilderness that has the capacity to re-imagine, mend the broken and bring to life the disowned.

Feminine Renewal is an invitation for every woman to nourish her essence, re-connect with her source energy and awaken the healing power of her heart.

During these self-healing retreats we take time to retrieve our life-force that has been held in our past, let go of what is not serving us anymore to discover truer ways of nourishing ourselves. By transforming our challenges into our medicine we center our energies into our creation power and our heart wisdom.

Feminine Renewal Retreat is a place for you to unwind, come home to yourself, heal, reconnect with what is truly alive for you, let go of the past, dream into new possibilities, commune with other women, celebrate the feminine, gain insight into your life, turn inward into the silence of wisdom in your heart.

Through body-mind practices and deep heart listening we unlock the wisdom of our bodies and hearts to reclaim our vital healing life-force and reconnect with our inner guidance. We will enter a deeper conversation of our hearts that is vital and alive, and that opens us into a deeper connection with our spiritual powers as women.  

This is an opportunity and an invitation for you to…

…ignite your “shakti” - your vital healing life-force

…nourish your essence and reconnect to the source

…transform difficult feelings into creative energy

…retrieve your life-force and heal your body

… bring forth and embody your feminine wisdom

…respond to the call of your heart and its longing

…take your place and thrive without reservation

Something profound occurs when we enter into a deep listening and give full permission to our feminine essence to unfold. I encourage you to give her that space and time.

Nourishing vegetarian lunch is provided! Come as you are!

When: Saturday July 14th, 10am-5pm
Contribution: $125, sliding scale available for those in need

Later Event: February 8
The Awakening Feminine