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Healing Dance and Meditation: Open your heart, clear your mind and reconnect with your life-force

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Healing Dance and Meditation is a movement practice that invites you to connect with the wisdom of your body and to experience the profundity of how authentic movement  can heal.

By attuning to our heart and following our authentic movement, our whole being begins to unwind and return to a natural state of openness, well-being and peace. By moving through blocked energies we arrive in our true aliveness and inner connection.

The gift of being present, when you are grounded in your body and connected with your heart, is that you can let go of old emotional energies and step into your empowered, authentic self in the here and now.

We will begin by connecting our bodies with the vital life-force of source energy and aligning our hearts to the deeper wisdom and healing of nature. Followed by healing dance practice where you get to discover the authentic dance of your heart. We will complete the evening with healing meditation. 

We dance to heal, we dance to express what words cannot, we dance to come home to ourselves, we dance to listen to the deeper call in our hearts, we dance to find the sacred connection with ourselves, each other and the earth.

This is a weekly healing movement meditation class to clear your mind, open your heart and center in your body. Come and experience it!

Contribution: drop in $18, 6 classes $90
Location: 200 Saunders Ave , San Anselmo
Registration required