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Free Health and Wellness Talk

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Are you desiring to experience a deeper well-being and health in your life?
Are you having health challenges but are not sure how to go about them?

In this monthly wellness evening you get a chance to learn about our approach to healing and longevity. We will share with you essential points on how do we heal from inside out and how do we cultivate long-term vitality, well-being and health.

You will have a chance to experience our nutritional clinical kinesiology approach through which we determine exactly what nutritional support does your body need in order to heal and gain greater well-being. You will also have a chance to ask us any questions you might have about your personal health challenges you are working with.

Each talk will focus on a pertinent topic in our health and our lifestyle. These evenings truly an invitation into deeper healing. We look forward to being with you!

We offer them every 1st Wednesday of the month!

To register for this free event email us or call us at 415 300 6944