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Healing Power of Essential Oils

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In this evening we will explore the healing power of therapeutic essential oils physically, emotionally and spiritually. You will have a chance to experience the oils, learn about their specific healing properties and how to apply them.

During this evening you will learn:

How do we use and apply oils in our daily life?
How do we use oils for acute and chronic health challenges?
How do essential oils nourish our physical and emotional wellbeing?

Each oil has its own unique essence and has the power to awaken our healing resources from within. The oils are truly the gift of mother nature yet often we do not know how to use them in most effective ways. We look forward to sharing with you about them!

This event is free of charge but please RSVP at 415.342.0413 since seating is limited.

The address is 10 Millwood St, Suite 3, Mill Valley, Ca 94941