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Tong Yuan: Inner Heart Transformation through Qigong

My work with Saša has been life transforming… finding the still center that “knows” how to awaken the rest of me, my soul, heart and body into awareness…into health. D.S.

We are meant to be healthy, to feel fully alive and to thrive. If we want to experience deeper well-being and harmony in our lives, we are invited to look inside of our heart and meet whatever has not been fully embraced yet. The essence of healing lies in our heart.

Tong Yuan practice is a combination of deep healing meditation and Qigong. Healing Meditations guide us to enter into a deep, sincere dialogue with our heart to transform our unprocessed emotions and self-limiting patterns into a new vision that is fully honoring our essence. Healing occurs when we meet our own heart with loving and unconditional presence to awaken our pure life-force flowing through each cell of our body.  In this process we reconnect with our source energy and awaken our self-healing power within.

Qigong practice helps us connect with our body in a deep nourishing way, bringing life-force into our body ( our bones, our muscles, our organs and our blood) while deepening a harmonious body-mind connection. We enliven, strengthen and transform every cell of our body through Qigong practice by gathering universal life-force and opening the flow of energy throughout the body.

Combining Qigong with Healing Meditations is an in-depth inner self-healing process of coming home to your centered, present, alive, vital self. By addressing all the layers of your being, physical, emotional , mental and spiritual, you are able to rediscover your wholeness and true well-being.

This class invites you to:

Transform stress into vital healing energy
Release chronic pain and tension
Cultivate deep inner peace and well-being
Open your heart to experience deeper love
Strengthen your connection to the source energy
Awaken the healing power within

I sincerely encourage you to join for this deeply nourishing and transformative experience.
Give yourself the gift of Well-being!

When : Every Monday, 11-12:45pm
Location: 70 Cypress Ave, Mill Valley
Contribution: $80 per month, $25 drop-in
Registration required: call 415.342.0413

Stay after for tea!