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A Course in Joyous Transformation


Reshaping your limiting patterns and perceptions into fulfilling and thriving living

The essence of healing lies in our heart. Once our heart opens and becomes fully available to life again, we experience a profound shift in our well-being and our healing process.

In Joyous Transformation classes we utilize the healing practices of Yuan Gong Qi Gong, Psycho-Somatic Inquiry, Heart Meditations and Abdominal Unwinding Breathwork to unblock stagnant Qi in every part of your body and open your heart into itself again. In the process we shift the self-limiting patterns of your consciousness into a new vision that is fully honoring your essence and your full potential.

By cultivating a deeper relaxation and openness within yourself, you are able to enter into a deeper dialog with your heart and somatically reshape your beliefs and self-perceptions from deep within your tissues and body structures. Once your inner mind fully opens into a state of true possibility your life can begin to heal and change into a more joyous and fullfilling experience.

This is a process of shedding of our old grievances from the past and reconnecting with total trust of life and with the life energy of our own being. As we begin to feel into our heart, we begin to unlock the held and frozen life energy that is vital for our well-being. The more we are willing to meet our heart with openness and gratitude, the more we become in touch with the healing power of our own heart.

As our life force returns back to us, we become more available to our life and are able to meet it with greater presence, wholeness and joy of being alive.

We truly hope you can join us,
Sasha and Hasso

When? This is a bi-monthly group on Sundays 10:30-1:30pm
Where? At our Healing Center in San Anselmo, for directions
Contribution? $50 per session, $160 for 4 sessions

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