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Healing Explorations through Essential Oils: Balancing your Hormones and Endocrine System

At this evening we will introduce essential oils that specifically support our endocrine system and hormonal balance. 

Essential Oils are truly amazing. Being concentrated plant medicines they are able to activate and regulate physiological functions powerfully, effectively and without creating any side effects. In a way they are truly Grandmother Growth's original medicine.

Essential oils simultaneously work on our physiology as well as on our emotional body thus they energize us, help us deal better with stress, allow us to find more peace of mind and uplift our mood; switch our brains back on and contribute to better mental clarity; furthermore they assist in balancing our reproductive hormones and strengthen our libido.  There are so many ways therapeutic grade essential oils do their magic...

They not only work great for grown-ups but also amazingly for children! Did you know that the intelligence behind most pharmaceutical drugs today is actually plant derived? Plants indeed hold the key to many common and uncommon health challenges we encounter today.

We look forward being with you!

Saša and Hasso

Where: Fully Alive Healing Center, 200 Saunders Ave, CA, San Anselmo
Please RSVP so we can save a seat for you!