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Tian and Di Yuan Qigong: One-day Immersion


If living a fuller life, filled with more Qi and a deeper alignment with your true self, is something you feel called to cultivate in your life, then this workshop is for you!

In this workshop we will teach you how to bring original Qi, life force back into our cells and your whole body and thus heal yourself. Tian and Di Yuan are the first two methods of Yuan Gong Qigong focusing on increasing your energy levels, opening the energy gates (meridians) in the body and storing the energy in your three energy centers (DanTians).

We will teach you simple yet powerful practices using breath and flowing and natural movements to bring your whole body to a deeper level of well-being and aliveness. By applying Dantian Breathing you will be able to cultivate a deeper state of feeling calm, relaxed and natural throughout your daily life. Practicing Yuan Gong also naturally deepens our connection to the Five Xin, the five essential qualities of our heart, namely: Trust, Openness, Love, Gratitude and Respect/Humility.  

This will be a deep healing time. Join us for this uplifting and healing day!

No prior Qigong experience is required. All ages and all levels are welcome.
Home-made Indian vegan lunch is available to you by donation

Location: Fully Alive Healing Center, 70 Cypress Ave, Mill Valley 94941
Contribution: $125

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β€œTo cultivate a remarkable outcome a remarkable effort has to be made too!” β€“ Yuan Tze