Nutritional Kinesiology is Quantum Physics in action. It offers you the possibility of getting to the root causes of your specific health conditions most effectively. In other words, we are designing you a healing program that is customized exactly to your needs.


Nutritional Kinesiology honors your uniqueness when it comes to your biology, physiology and nutritional requirements.

It is a precise evaluation and treatment system that determines with great specificity, not only what is currently happening in your body but also what your body requires in order to heal. In Kinesiology we determine the strength and weakness of one of your primary muscles as well as a number of body reflex - and meridian points to help us evaluate your physiological functions.

Nutritional Kinesiology deals with the causative factors of dis-ease. Its approach minimizes subjectivity and the “cook book” approach typically taken in clinical nutrition. Nutritional Kinesiology is proven in designing efficient and cost effective individualized nutritional protocols.

We do not diagnose or treat dis-ease; instead, we evaluate your physiological functions and create a comprehensive program based on an understanding of your unique situation. This approach allows for a healing response that harmonizes with the nervous system for you to feel less stress and more peace. This harmony also strengthens your immune system and uplifts your mood.


Kinesiology began in the 1960's with George Joseph Goodheart's work in Applied Kinesiology. Over decades, it developed into many other branches.

We have found the following kinesiology techniques most useful: Applied Integrated Therapies (AIT) by Dan Newell, M.S. , Applied Response Testing (ART) & Applied Psycho-Neurobiology (APN) by Dr. Klinghardt, PhD, and Morphogenic Field Therapy (MFT) by Frank Springob, D.C.


Our primary goal is to support you in outgrowing whatever health problem you might encounter. This often happens one layer at a time, like peeling an onion, from the inside out and from what is primary to what is more peripheral. We use a lot of common sense when blending our unique modalities into an alchemical elixir. 

We don't focus on treating dis-eases but rather on taking care of people. In other words we are not only addressing your primary medical concerns and symptoms but also address the underlying causative factors of your health challenges. We make sure that your current health conditions are adequately addressed while you being supported metabolically, structurally, emotionally and mentally as well.

Conditions we commonly encounter are:
·  Chronic and Acute Infections (viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic)
·  Chemical Toxins and Heavy Metals
·  Allergies and Food Sensitivities
·  Inflammation and Pain
·  Organ Deficiencies and Dysfunctions
·  Hormone Imbalances
·  Digestive Complaints


  1. We listen to you and your body.

  2. We help you understand how different processes in your body are interconnected.

  3. We determine what laboratory tests would be most effective and economical to you.

  4. We empower you to make the appropriate changes in your life in order for you to move more efficiently towards better health.

  5. We support you in determining what nutritional and herbal support you need to heal your body most efficiently - one layer at the time.

  6. Beyond that, we offer you a wide range of therapeutic modalities that are designed to further enhance your healing process.