Somatic Counseling is a therapeutic approach to transforming unprocessed emotions and limiting patterns into life-giving energy, new possibilities and greater inner freedom. By re-establishing a harmonious body-heart-mind connection, the process enables you to cultivate a truly fulfilling, joyous and healthy life while transforming core wounding into the living wisdom of your heart.


You are meant to thrive and to feel happy, free and alive.

Our unprocessed emotions and core beliefs create disharmony and pain in our lives. They pattern our feeling states, our perceptions, our energy and the state of our well-being. Everything in us that is experiencing pain, physically or emotionally, is striving to return back to wholeness and a deeper connection to the source.

Somatic Counseling helps you reshape your limiting beliefs and painful emotions from your past into life-nourishing and thriving possibilities. The process guides you to connect with your direct experience; the felt-sense wisdom of your body and heart. With an open heart, you are supported to turn towards the unattended feelings inside of you that hold the possibility of great healing and transformation.

As you inquire beneath the mind’s story you are able to enter a sincere conversation with your heart that is vital and alive. By embracing the layers of feelings and unquestioned beliefs you are able to clear old emotional charges from your body and transform limiting patterns of thinking into a new vision that is fully honoring your essence and your full potential.


Somatic Counseling helps you clear blocked life-force in your body, heart and mind and reconnect with your true essence. It enables you to cultivate a compassionate presence that carries the power to transform inner conflict and pain into a deeper felt-sense of true connection. Once your inner heart opens into a state of true possibility your life can begin to heal and change into a truly joyous and fulfilling experience.

Somatic Counseling invites you to:

·      Deepen your connection to your own heart and your true feelings

·      Clear patterns of your core beliefs and emotions that hold you back in your life, your health and your relationships

·      Create the life that you long for

·      Live an empowered, fulfilling and joyful life

·      Create a new relationship with yourself that is nourishing, vital and alive

·      Reconnect with your natural state of well-being and happiness

·      Cultivate deeper trust, love and connection in your relationships

·      Reconnect with your true essence and your creative power

·      Awaken to the wisdom of your own heart


Somatic Counseling is a profound resource for healing your body, mind and heart, and creating the life that you long for.  It helps you connect with your essence; thus, invites you to live with greater joy, aliveness and wonder. By softening your defenses and armor into life-affirming openness, it provides an ever-deepening journey into the wisdom of your own heart.

It offers vital support during major life transitions, such as ending of a relationship, changing careers, moving, experiences of loss or deep challenges of any kind.

It is a powerful resource in any relationship for resolving conflict and discovering a new depth of intimacy and love.

It is a gentle guide in your inner transformation and grown as you shed the old skins of yourself and open into greatness and wisdom of your heart.