Mindful Movement help us discover deeper ease and joy in our bodies. By following the transformative nature of our movement, we can directly connect with our body wisdom and experience the profundity of how movement heals.


 HOW DOES THIS PROCESS WORK?  5 Rhythms Movement meditation is a beautiful, deep practice of coming home to your body, your senses and your heart. It is deeply transformative to your whole being as it grounds your awareness into the present moment and awakens your body wisdom. By attuning to your breath and your inner experience, as well as by following your natural movement, your body-mind unwinds and returns to a natural state of openness, peace and joy. This is an ecstatic state to experience…

 As you fully meet your own heart through your body and move through blocked energy, you open into deeper connection with your true aliveness. It is this sacred space we co-create that honors the whole range of our human experiences from grieving our losses to celebrating new beginnings…and everything in between.

 WHAT RESULTS CAN I EXPECT?   5 Rhythms Movement Meditation offers every part of us to have a place and a voice. It profoundly grounds us in our body, quiets our mind and opens our heart. As we continue opening to our authentic dance arising from within we become more available to our own inner wisdom and life itself.



HOW DOES THIS PROCESS WORK?  Movement therapy is designed to re-balance your nervous system and re-pattern your postural habits which might be causing you tension, pain or stiffness. By integrating practices of Hanna Somatics, Continuum, Developmental Patterning and Body-Mind Centering, we have developed a most supportive healing  program suitable to your individual needs. Through therapist's clear guidance you will learn gentle yet powerful exercises  that have profound effect on how you feel and move.

By identifying crucial movement principles necessary to effectively change your habitual patterns of stress and pain, your body will gradually unwind layers of involuntary tension and discover healthier ways of movement.

 WHAT RESULTS CAN I EXPECT? A simple healing movement routine that is aligned with your body needs can profoundly open your breath, loosen your spine, balance your nervous system and clear your mind. As new possibilities of movement become available to you, you can experience immediate improvements in flexibility, posture and comfort. The increased body intelligence and stress resilience offer you one of the essential joy's of life - an agile and vital body.


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