Healing is all about supporting your body's inherent intelligence to heal. Long lasting well-being combines optimal physical health with true inner happiness. 


Qi Cultivation Program is designed to help you cultivate inner resources for long-lasting health and true well-being. Our deepest wish is for you to heal your body and live a joyful, vibrant, fulfilling life, and it is possible! What it requires is a true understanding of life, Qi and the healing process itself. 

Healing truly refers to healing your whole life, bringing harmony to every moment. Healing includes healing your physical challenges, transforming your difficult emotions and changing your patterns of consciousness that are not supporting your well-being. When you choose from deep within your heart that you want to heal, healing is available to you and will uplift your life and those around you.


Ren Xue

Ren Xue’s approach to life cultivation is that healing a person’s life is primary to healing a person’s illness. To cultivate life effectively, it is necessary to inquire into the patterns of our consciousness, especially self sabotaging ones, that have determined how we live on a day-to-day basis.

Every present moment holds the possibility for true change and healing. We achieve this by identifying and changing the patterns and habits that hold us back from truly being able to evolve. This evolving leads not only to better health but also to greater happiness, wisdom and understanding of our life’s purpose. By choosing only life-enhancing and uplifting patterns, we elevate our lives and the lives of those we care for.

Yuan Gong QiGong

Yuan Gong Qigong is an ancient system of life cultivation that focuses on health, disease prevention and consciousness development. It is a beautiful, effective and easy to learn technique that uses the power of consciousness in order to create profound healing effects. Simple yet comprehensive movements and meditations are designed to open the energy pathways of the body and restore your vital energy, vibrancy and health. read more

Yi Qi Therapy

Yi Qi Therapy focuses on healing through Qi, your life force energy and its information. Yi Qi therapy aims to align your mind, body and heart with the Qi field of total healing information, which contains within it total perfection and the possibility for complete healing. Yi Qi Therapy takes place in one-to-one sessions set up to meet your individual needs.

One of the essential aspects of Yi Qi Therapy is cultivating a state of open receptivity. This inner state allows for a deep transmission and penetration of universal healing Qi (from the total information field) to your body-mind. It is the power of your true thought and your clear intention for healing that allows unhealthy and self-destructive belief patterns to dissolve, while at the same time initiates a total shift in your healing. read more


Qi Cultivation Program is here for you to heal your life. It provides you with self-healing techniques, one-on-one healing sessions, information about Qi healing and wisdom on how to live a truly harmonious and happy life.