Choosing abundant health and a more fulfilling life is an important first step. We acknowledge you for your courage in taking this opportunity to reclaim your full healing potential and embrace new possibilities in your life.

Our vision for you is abundant well-being in all areas of your life and we are here to support you in manifesting this experience.


Through your initial consultation we will do a health evaluation, answer any of your questions and determine how to serve you best.


For your convenience, if you live outside the Bay area but would like to work with us, we now also offer Skype or phone sessions for your Optimal Health sessions.



Your first visit will focus foremost on your primary complains and how you can address them. You will gain deeper insight into what elements play a major role in your current state of health and how to bring yourself back to balance. Our broad selection of individual services and integrative programs offer valuable tools to support you in reclaiming your complete well-being. Please click on the services and programs below to gain a greater understanding of their particular healing effects.




Naturopathy incorporates natural healing modalities, including nutritional, herbal emotional and structural, with clinical evaluation tools to identify our diagnostic findings for us to serve your individual health concern in the most effective ways. read more

Nutritional Kinesiology

Nutritional Kinesiology is Quantum Physics in action. It offers us the possibility of getting to the root causes of your specific health challenges and designing customized healing solutions for often complex dis-ease processes. read more

Structural Integration

Soma Structural Integration is a hands-on therapeutic technique that focuses on working with your whole body through the fascia system, an interrelated network of connective tissue, that brings essential support to your posture and your capacity to experience life fully. read more

Somatic Unwinding

Somatic Unwinding is a weaving of variety healing bodywork modalities with intention to create a most effective and supportive healing session for you. It simultaneously honors the wholeness of your being and the inherent wisdom of your body. read more

Chi Nei Tsang

Chi Nei Tsang, which literally translates as Inner Organ Qi Transformation, is a magnificent self-healing technique from the ancient Taoist tradition that allows you to enter into your life through the doorway of your belly and your breath in order to reconnect with your deeper self.
read more

Therapeutic Essential Oils

High quality essential oils are one of the most powerful healing agents in the plant kingdom. We recommend only organic non-adulterated oils from sources we have relied on for more than two decades. A home pharmacy with just a handful of oils can literally take care of most everyday health challenges. read more

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a synergistic relationship between a trained coach and a client. It is designed to connect you with your full potential and to get you from where you are in your life to where you want to be. 

Yuan Gong Qigong

The greatest promise of life is that you can heal. Yuan Gong teaches you how to gather Infinite Qi (Yuan Qi) to heal your body, mind and spirit and to cultivate inner resources to transform your life. read more

Yi Qi Therapy

When your body, qi and consciousness are aligned with the infinite Qi field, healing occurs naturally. Yi Qi Therapy is a radical approach to transform your health through qi and consciousness. read more



Fully Alive Total Health 

Our Total Health Program offers you complete support on nutritional, structural, emotional and energetic levels. Our modalities form a unique synergy to help you restore your health and well-being most efficiently. read more

Soma Unwinding Process

Soma Unwinding Process is a powerful healing journey, integrating structural bodywork with deep emotional balancing to transform your physical and emotional challenges into nourishing and life enhancing gifts. read more

The Embodied Woman 

The Embodied Woman is a process that harnesses the primordial healing power within a woman’s heart - an untethered wilderness that has the capacity to re-imagine, mend the broken and bring to life the disowned. read more


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We look forward to supporting you on your healing journey!
Your Fully Alive Team