An Integrated Approach to Transforming Deep-Seated Emotions by liberating your Inner Organs

We all tend to hold on to emotions, especially those we can’t digest at the time they occur. For example, when we encounter an overwhelming feeling of fear in a particular situation; we might store this fear in either our kidneys or another part of our body until we are ready to digest the emotion at a later time. Our inability to digest what IS in the present moment over time leads to the formation of knots and energy blockages in our tissues and meridians. Emotions are not only stored in our belly but they often end up there.

Core Unwinding (CU) has it’s roots in Chi Nei Tsang (inner organ qi transformation). It is an integrated, body-centered approach to unwind core stress patterns that block the inner organs from functioning harmoniously. It combines deep and gentle therapeutic touch with emotional awareness, applied qigong and guided breath awareness. Together these practices form a powerful synergy which allow the recipient to feel deeply supported and to enter into a state of beyond-mind healing.

CU supports this process by creating a space for emotions to be digested in present time. It invokes evolution by letting go of the past and by embracing the present.

CU acknowledges the fact that true transformation is not an intellectual process but rather involves a visceral shift; it recognizes the need that emotions have to be processed in our bodily tissues.

CU offers a profound psychosomatic approach to deep-seated energy blockages that prevent us from living life fully. It allows the recipient to enter into places of consciousness which reach far beyond what the mind is generally able to digest.

CU often leaves people speechless after a session (as the mind looses its old reference points) because their guts speak a different language, namely that of the Second Brain. The Second Brain is made up of the the enteric nervous system, the gut nervous system. It involves millions of nerve cells and is highly intelligent tissue, yet we are not aware of the Second Brain most of the time (unless something truly upsets our gut). Our gut is responsible for many primary body functions like the absorption, digestion and elimination of not only food but also our emotions. It plays a very important role in the functioning of our immune system, detoxification processes and so many other important physiological functions. Since the discovery of the Microbiome, we now even more aware about the importance of the brain-gut connection.

CU focuses specifically on the Lower Dan Tian (a collection point of Qi, located directly below the navel), as well as the navel itself which is functioning as a major energy hub in harmonizing the functioning of the internal organs. Working on the navel alone allows access to all internal organs and often leads to the release of long-standing holding patterns.

CU is like opening the windows of a stuffy room that has been neglected for a while. CU allows a fresh breeze of air to come in and allows you to take a new look at your life in present time.

CU is consciousness, Qi and breath simultaneously in action. It is the art of healing from within. It is the practitioner who leads you to your own inner closet, but it is YOU who is letting go of your old clothing that is crowding your life! It is the role of the practitioner to create a healing environment that allows you to be with yourself in a most open and supported way.

CU is all about transformation, a visceral and emotional transformation. Until you have met your deepest emotions viscerally (in your belly) you will feel a certain disconnection to your lower energy centers and it will be difficult for you to fully move forward with your life.

CU is a deep invitation to leave behind all the old stories of right and wrong and simply to be with yourself in a new way, a simple way.

That’s why this work is so deeply liberating, because there is a core longing that exists in us all… that of longing to come home to your true self. Home is just another word for being in touch with ones Heart, Spirit and Soul and how to allowing them to guide us in our lives so we can fully manifest our highest potential. 



Core Unwinding detoxifies: CU supports you in relieving your body of excess stagnation; it improves your elimination and stimulates your lymphatic - and circulatory systems for more efficient functioning. CU also strengthens your immune system and your general resistance to dis-eases. In doing so, CU augments other detoxification methods to create better results. CU before and after surgery exhilarates recovery and hastens overall healing.

CU helps to restructure and strengthen the body: By working on the visceral structures and positioning of internal organs, CU stimulates their optimal functioning as well as helps to correct postural problems resulting from visceral imbalances. CU releases deep-seated tensions and restores vitality. CU is helpful in resolving chronic pain, such as back, neck and shoulder pains, and problems related to misalignment of the feet, legs and pelvis.

CU teaches greater awareness of the quality of your emotional life: Your unprocessed emotional life is stored in your digestive system and organs, waiting to be addressed. Poor emotional digestion is one of the main reasons for ill health. CU facilitates the unfolding of your emotional experiences and the clarification of your emotional life, making it possible for you to evolve and grow in the direction of a more full-filling life. CU can be used successfully in combination with psychotherapy.

CU teaches you to know yourself better: Healing truly comes from within. We teach techniques to improve your breathing, including fundamental self-help massage. We also offer specific and relevant visualization and meditation practices to enhance the effect of manual treatments.