Are you ready to live from a place of joy, radiance and power? Are you ready to embody your feminine essence and heal your life?

The Awakened Feminine Course is a process that harnesses the primordial healing power within a woman’s body and heart - an untethered wilderness that has the capacity to re-imagine, mend the broken and bring to life the disowned.


This is an invitation for every woman to come home to herself and to nourish her essence; a call to ignite your “shakti”, your feminine life force in your body, mind and heart.

In the course we re-connect to our bodies, our breath, our energy flow and our felt-sense awareness that guides us gently to our true feeling. The co-created space of deep listening and safety allows us to intimately meet our heart with unconditional love and to transform layers of painful emotions back into life-giving energy.

Together we enter a sincere conversation of our hearts that is vital and alive, and that opens us into a deeper connection with our spiritual powers as women.

This is a call to all women to reconnect with their body wisdom and to fully live their authentic, creative and embodied life.


This comprehensive renewal process is a deep dive into a woman's healing, transformation and empowerment, addressing essential aspects of her life to catalyze the healing within her that has been waiting to happen.

The invitation is for each woman to allow herself to relax so deeply  into her own skin and her own inner wisdom, that her life force can naturally flow through her and allow her to truly experience her deep peace, radiance and contentment again. This is an embodied woman; she has come home to herself, blossoming in her nature.

The very down to earth everyday practical tools for grounding and nourishment will be integrated with deeper resourcing of how to transforming your old trauma imprints and limiting beliefs into full availability of your true nature. By reconnecting to your inner source energy, the process offers you a life-changing and heart-opening experience. You will emerge well nourished, radiant and fully embodied!

My work with Sasha has been life-transforming. In my session, trauma held for nine years released through her touch gracefully. My body felt new in a way that had not been remembered. I found the still center inside of me that “knows” how to awaken the rest of me, my heart and my body into awareness... into health...If you have an opportunity to work with Sasha I encourage you to commit the time and resources. Your soul will know what it has found.
— D.S. Reconnection Practitioner


Coming home to your Sacred Body

  • Reconnecting to the natural flow of your energy

  • Nourishing your body in a deep essential way

  • Healing your womb and re-vitalizing your energy

  • Releasing chronic stress and tension

  • Awakening your inner healing power

Tending to the Heart

  • Transforming old trauma into new creative energy

  • Unwinding unprocessed emotions into self-empowerment

  • Developing your connection to your "true" feelings

  • Cultivating your inner radiance and open heart

  • Opening to greater joy and love

Awakening your Creation Power

  • Clearing undermining beliefs that are in the way of your full blossoming

  • Changing your limiting patterns of thinking into new possibilities

  • Transforming "victim" energies into your creation power

  • Awakening the power of your "true" thought

  • Cultivating inner peace and mindfulness

Embodying your Soul Energy

  • Uncovering and living from your true essence

  • Embodying your creative life-force and your life's purpose

  • Strengthening your connection with the Source

  • Bringing forth your authentic gifts

  • Unfolding in your inner radiance and joy


There is a deep well of love, creativity and intuitive knowing in a woman’s body, often untapped and forgotten through conditioning. Your body is your direct connection to the source, to the earth’s healing energies and to your inherent creative power. It is the home of your true essence, the pure, untamed sacred feminine life-force. 

When we inquire into our bone truth about what matters, what touches our heart and what brings us joy, we connect with a deeper body of wisdom that lives in our own bodies and hearts.

Women have a direct link to creation, activated especially when our bodies are in sync with our consciousness and even more potently when they are in sync with our intentions to love, serve, receive and nourish.
— HIllary Hart