Soma Structural Integration is a hands-on therapeutic technique that focuses on working with your whole body through the fascial and energetic systems, that bring an essential support to your posture,  your freedom of movement and your emotional and energetic balance.



Soma Structural Integration is a powerful healing journey, consisting of a progression of eleven sessions, that support you transform your physical and emotional challenges into nourishing and life enhancing ways of living.

Fascia, your connective tissue, weaves through your entire body, providing the support essential for your upright posture, joint resilience and harmonious energy flow.  With physical and emotional stress, layers of fascia thicken, and after sustained periods of tension, your body loses the ability to self-adjust to its relaxed, upright and open state. This contraction is also reflected in your energy and emotional body.

You may experience this involuntary fascia contraction in the form of joint stiffness,  body aches, lack of energy, chronic pain, emotional irritability, frequent colds and flu or an overall sense of dissatisfaction. Soma Structural Integration can effectively realign your body posture, release chronic tension and harmonize your energy and your emotions, while connecting you to your core energy.


Our intention is to heal your body and harmonize your emotions and your life. By attuning to the wisdom of your body, your life force will begin flowing freely again.

Soma Structural Integration is about increasing your capacity: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is about developing a stronger balance within. Your bodymind will “work better.” You will move with greater fluidity and grace; you will be able to handle emotionally challenging situations with more ease; you will recover more quickly when injured; and, you will have greater access to your own creativity and spirituality. You will have an increased capacity for joy and aliveness. Grief, anger and pain will not seem as unbearable. You will be able to consider possibilities for yourself and your life that had seemed impossible.

Increasing capacity has nothing to do with becoming a perfect person. It is about starting where you are and moving to the next stage of your evolution. The degree to which this change will manifest has to do primarily with your own readiness. How willing are you to shed your old skin? Do you have the support you need? Have you already been laying the groundwork for a transformation? Are you ready to start building these things now? 


Session 1 - Frees the tissue surrounding the rib cage and lengthens the chest and lower back. Result: Feeling of lightness, connection and well being, more upright posture and fuller, deeper breathing.

Session 2 - Focuses on the body’s foundation, the lower legs and feet.
Result: A sense of being firmly grounded and in touch with reality.

Session 3 - Lengthens the sides of the body and frees the shoulders. Result: Breathing expansion and more immediately available energy.

Session 4,5,6 - Adjusts and lengthens the centerline that runs vertically through the body. Result: Walking takes a fraction of the energy typically expended, improving balance and freedom of movement.

Session 7 - Releases the muscles of the neck, face and head. Result: A more softened relaxed appearance in the face with increased self-reliance and personal power.

Sessions 8,9,10 - Integrates the whole body in a new and more efficient manner. Result: Energy and vitality increase as the body’s structure becomes more aligned and balanced in gravity.

Session 11 - Opens the tissue of the arms and balances the shoulder blades into the back. Result: The arms swinging freely with increased rotary function and expressivity. 


Each session focuses on a specific body area with intention to release its habitual tension patterns and accelerate your whole-body healing. Through a systematic and progressive fascial unwinding, we will release the strain from your body's tissues, balance your postural alignment and integrate your energy system. 

Each session gently invites you to enter a deeper relationship with your body, your mind and your heart. As your body gradually unwinds, you will be able to connect with your feelings in a much more direct and visceral way, naturally expanding your emotional capacity to meet life with greater depth and compassion. Somatic resources gained in each session will help you integrate the changes in  and bring more contentment to your every day life.


SOMA Structural Integration improves your posture and reduces chronic pain: As we realign your body in gravity, your joints and muscles can function more efficiently and support your body in regaining its uprightness and balance. Structural Bodywork effectively treats chronic back pain, neck pain, muscle/joint stiffness and injuries as well as any other structural misalignments. 

SOMA Structural Integration effectively improves your flexibility and agility: The release of fascial binding brings comfort to your every day movements and enhances your performance in sports, yoga, dance and martial arts practices. 

SOMA Structural Integration increases your energy level: It improves your circulation, your body's resistance to diseases and your ability to manage stress. Once deep-rooted tension patterns unwind and a deeper support is created in the body, the life force can flow through you freely again. 

SOMA Structural Integration harmonizes your emotions and connects you to your core: The release of your body armor awakens your feelings and allows them to be integrated and processed through your tissues thus opening you into deeper wholeness inside of yourself and connection with your emotional life. The SOMA Process supports you in becoming more present and available to life. 

SOMA Structural Integration expands your emotional availability: As you become grounded and centered in your body, you are able to experience deeper joy and aliveness as well as to meet difficult emotions more gracefully.

SOMA Structural Integration helps you change your unsupportive patterns: All of our mental and emotional patterns are mirrored in our body. As the body becomes more open and deeply relaxed, our reaction patterns have a chance to begin loosening up and we can access deeper peace inside of ourselves. 

SOMA Structural Integration opens you into new possibilities: In the process of inquiring into your conditioned limiting beliefs and digesting your unprocessed emotions from the past, your bodymind becomes lighter and more available to its authentic creativity and inspiration.


Since healing occurs in layers, to receive optimal benefits and long-lasting changes, we encourage you to undergo a complete progression of eleven sessions. It is a whole support system where all the layers of your body are being realigned into balance and a life transformation can take place gracefully.

If you are not sure you are ready for a commitment of eleven sessions you can starts with the first three session, which can stand on their own, and open your body's external fascial layers. 


The soul of man with all its streams of pure living water seems to dwell in the fascia of his body.
— AT Still MD