We live in a world today where detoxification and rejuvenation are not any longer an option but have become a necessity. Choosing the right detoxification program for yourself is essential to gain most benefit and is in harmony with your body.



  • Create quality healing time for yourself.

  • Take your health back into your hands by becoming pro-active about it.

  • Regain your energy, vitality, mental clarity and sharpness.

  • Take some pounds off and move towards your optimal weight.

  • Optimize your digestion, assimilation and elimination.

  • Improve your sleep and rejuvenate your whole body.

  • Free yourself from toxic wastes, joint pain and inflammation.

  • Learn about one of Mother Nature’s most powerful self-healing device.

  • Find deeper emotional balance, happiness and joy from within!

  • Discover new healing foods that nourish you into greater health.


Our approach is wholistic incorporating body, mind, heart and spirit. We not only help your body to purify but teach you how to harmonize all aspects of your life into a more enjoyable, nourishing and harmonious way of living.

We help you discover a new relationship to your body and food that is healthy and enjoyable. We introduce you to a healing foods cuisine and teach you how to incorporate these healing foods into nourishing yet delicious everyday meals.

We nutritionally test you to discover what organs in your body are primarily burdened and need support to design your individual detox program consisting of healing herbs, whole food supplements and shakes. We well hydrate and mineralize your body while it is detoxifying. Once purified we build the good flora in your gut and nourish your whole body back into health.

Because our emotions and state of mind are equally contributing to the health of our body, we also show you ways how to cultivate deeper inner peace, work with strong emotions and discover deeper happiness in yourself.

Detoxification is like peeling old layers of yourself that do not serve you anymore and opening yourself to greater well-being, happiness and aliveness. It is a powerful and wonderful way to transform inner and outer aspects of your life into greater thriving. And that is our vision for you!


To start the process we meet with you either in person or over the phone for your free 45-min consultation where we get to know what are your specific desires and needs and you get to learn about the process and our approach. Together we choose the most appropriate detoxification program for you!

Once you are ready to start we meet for our initial session consisting of nutritional testing, dietary consultation and somatic counseling to offer you most significant guidance for your cleanse. You will receive the appropriate for you whole food supplements, healing herbs and usually a cleansing nutritional shake. You will also receive the recommended list of foods to avoid and to eat, tips for additional self- healing treatments you can do such as skin-brushing, essential oils baths… You will receive initial emotional counseling on how to prepare your mind and heart for this deeply rewarding and nourishing process.


Once you begin your Purification Program we are available to you for assistance. We do a weekly nutritional follow-up session to make sure the process is being most beneficial. We are available to you for further dietary consultation and food preparation where we can tune in to your body’s specific needs in terms of your body type. We also teach you how to make your meals both healing and delicious.

During your cleanse we highly recommend healing bodywork sessions that we offer, Core Unwinding and Cranio-Sacral Therapy, that tremendously aid in our body’s capacity to rejuvenate, relax and heal.

We also highly recommend emotional cleansing by doing a Somatic Counseling session where we support you in transforming any unsupportive patterns and unprocessed emotions, such as old pain or grief into self-empowerment. We gently guide you back home into your body and your heart where you feel at peace, content and vital.


At the end of the cleanse we meet for our final consultation to retest the body nutritionally and establish a maintenance plan for you in terms of your diet and any additional support that would be helpful for your continued well-being.

We help you transition back into regular diet with implementing positive changes of what foods you choose and how do you care for your body for a long-lasting well-being and health…

… because you are meant to be healthy, happy and thriving!