We live in a world today where detoxification and rejuvenation are no longer an option but a necessity. Choosing the right detoxification program for yourself is essential to avoid any possible side effects.

Detoxifying your body seasonally is essential when it comes to maintaining or building optimal health!

Being healthy doesn’t equate to being symptom free. Optimal health is a whole other dimension....It’s about feeling strong, energetic, inspired, content and alive.


    •    Create quality healing time for yourself
    •    Take your health into your own hands
    •    Take a burden off your internal organs
    •    Optimize your digestion, absorption and elimination
    •    Strengthen your nervous system and improve your sleep
    •    Free yourself from metabolic burdens and toxic wastes
    •    Cultivate a new relationship with your body
    •    Regain your core vitality and core strength again
    •    Loose some extra pounds
    •    Experience a reduction in chronic pain
    •    Develop a better capacity to deal with life challenges
    •    Reduce food sensitivities and sugar cravings
    •    Build a stronger immune system
    •    Increase your libido and joy of intimacy
    •    Feel happy, content and relaxed again
    •    Feel more fully alive again




·      We don’t believe in standard cleanses because there are no standard people.

·      We will zoom in on what detoxification support will serve you best.

·      All our cleansing supplements are either food, herbal, spagyric or homeopathic or a combination of the above.

·      We will kinesiologically determine which of your detox organs (lymph, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, spleen, intestines, skin, etc) need support and choose specific remedies accordingly.

·      We listen to your personal needs and goals and incorporate them.

·      We help you gain more clarity about your current health situation in multiple ways by using extensive questionnaires, galvanic skin response testing and other methods that serve us to evaluate the health of you body systems.

·      We are committed to "hold your hand" throughout the whole process. If you need us, we will be there for you! A support structure is essential when it comes to creating a positive outcome for your Rejuvenation and Vitality Program.

Step 1: Book your complementary 45-Minute Consultation and Purification Program Health Evaluation.

Step 2: Come into our office for a one-hour Kinesiological Testing to fine tune your detox program. We will personalize your 21-Day Purification Program to your needs to optimize its benefits.

Step 3: Start your own Rejuventation Program and receive all the support you need from us to make it a true success for you. This also includes our dedicated support available to you at your fingertips via phone and email.

Step 4: Receive a Chi Nei Tsang (organ detoxification treatment), a Somatic Unwinding (deeply rejuvenating bodywork) or Structural Integration (postural realignment) session all at a 10% discount during the time of your 21-Day cleanse.

Step 5: Come in for a dietary counseling session and a food sensitivity testing to fine-tune your diet and make your food your medicine.


  1. Female Vitality Program
  2. Heavy Metal and Chemical Detoxifications
  3. Hormonal Rebalancing
  4. Inner Organ Detoxification