Movement Healing Arts offer you mindful movement practices that help you return to your fluid, connected, easeful self. They help you remember how to breathe effortlessly, move pain free and live from your core connection. 


We believe the body is an amazing collection of life stories and feelings. You experience life and express your heart through your body. When the body is open and fluid, it allows you to feel your fullness. When life pulls the rug from underneath you, physically, emotionally or mentally, the body responds by bracing and freezing parts of you with the intention to keep you safe and "in balance." Over time, these subtle protection mechanisms become part of your movement, posture and expression blueprint.

Our intention with Movement Healing Arts is to support the full restoration of your body's agility, posture and core connection. Through a self-empowering process, you will learn how to use your body and your attention to become pain free and expand your capacity to feel fully alive in your body.

It is a process of aligning your attention, intention and action. In this process, what is most needed is your willingness to go inward and listen, to be fully present and to hold your intention with clarity. It is the capacity to be both mindful of the present moment and willing to let go and open to new possibility that allows your energy to flow freely and be continually renewed.  


Movement Healing Arts incorporates a wide range of somatic healing modalities. Each of them share an intention of creating a deeper well-being of the bodymind.


Biosomatics Movement offers your body a chance to unwind any chronic pain and tension patterns. With skillful verbal guidance and hands-on touch, your body will be able to soften stiffness, awaken frozen areas and discover new possibilities of movement and awareness. 

These somatic techniques have the power to rewire your nervous system and reverse sensory-motor amnesia, a memory loss of how certain muscles feel and move, transforming inefficient postural and movement habits and offering you immediate improvements in your comfort, posture and flexibility.

You will learn gentle yet powerful movements that have a profound effect on how you feel and move. By identifying movement principles that are crucial to changing your habitual patterns of stress and pain, your body will gradually release layers of tension and discover healthier ways of embodiment. 

Through specific movement sequences, breath and deep listening, the body will discover new possibilities for movement. Increased awareness and stress resilience offer you one of life's essential joys - an agile and vital body.

Developmental Movement Patterning

In Developmental Movement, we explore the essential body-connectivity patterns that make up your perception, movement and expression blueprint. These patterns become alive in the first year of your life and are essential for integrated movement, body alignment and embodied authentic expression.

Through experiential embodiment of developmental movements, we will investigate how the body relates to gravity and how gravity simultaneously anchors you and give you a sense of buoyancy, suppleness and freedom in your movement. We will use gravity and deep awareness for transforming your deep ingrained patterns that perpetuate tension. This awareness invites your body-mind continuum to awaken its frozen regions and rediscover more sustainable ways of being and moving.    

We will explore:

  •        Essential connectivity patterns for integrated movement
  •        How to use gravity for rebalancing your body
  •        What the nervous system's role is in movement re-patterning
  •        How to communicate more efficiently in the language of the movement
  •        Where trauma is held in the body-mind
  •        How you can move from inside out
  •        How sensory-motor amnesia comes about and how can we transform it
  •        Awakening your wholeness and self knowing through movement


Movement Healing Arts offer you grounded resources to heal your body, transform unsupportive postural and movement patterns and discover deeper core connection. It helps you shed old skins not serving you anymore and step into new possibilities for your movement, perception and embodiment.  

They invite you to give yourself full permission to BE who you ARE and receive the gifts of your embodied aware self. They invite you to deepen your relationship with your body and its wisdom. From that deep inner dialogue, a new blossoming is possible!