Living in sacred connection is living in connection with the flow of love, with the healing life-force in our hearts.

When we meet life from this fullness and openness of heart a sacred connection occurs with another and nature. We trust our inner guidance, we trust life and we let life live through us. We are guided by the beauty of what we deeply love and cherish.

What has disconnected us from living from a deep trust, openness, love and gratitude and inner connection? What has cut us off from the healing life-force in our hearts? What are the obstacles to love? The answer is pain and our responses to pain.

When we first identified ourselves with a painful feeling or an experience we began to cut ourselves off from the flow of love; we began to experience ourselves as separate and began to develop our protective mechanism to keep us from feeling pain.

When we are in pain, we are cut off from our source, from the flow of love and we feel we need to protect and defend ourselves. Through the repetition of painful experiences we took on certain self-sabotaging beliefs that shape our lives, our hearts, the way life-force flows through us and the way we experience our every moment.

There comes a moment when being lived by our protective mechanisms and compensatory identities is more painful than to let in the experience of our unveiled, unprocessed grief into our heart. We find ourselves in a place where the desire for freedom, healing and deep love is greater than the fear of our own grief. That moment is a blessing and the beginning of healing our lives.

Once we allow ourselves to feel the grief that began at the moment we lost connection with our essential nature, with our original innocence, we are opening the bridge back to our wholeness and to the sacred connection with ourselves, with another, with the source.

The moment we allow ourselves to feel our unveiled, naked, direct experience and meet it with unconditional presence healing begins. The deep ancient holding in our heart and body begins to dissipate as our grief is felt, given space to be, digested and integrated. It is like a wave of energy that needs to be simply run through us.

Our unfelt grievances are like veils obstructing our radiant true nature, our radiant open heart. They make us forget who we are as they make us feel small, inadequate, unlovable, unsupported, separate, isolated, abandoned, unworthy, guilty, ashamed, not enough, to mention a few.

By giving permission and space to the arrested moments from the past, to the heart movements that never were allowed, we are freeing the stuck energy and reclaiming our life energy. We are reclaiming pieces of self into the whole. Often the cognitive part of us has understanding, yet the tissues of our body have not yet released the charge of a painful experience. As we fully contact the body sensations and feelings in the present moment we are able to open into new possibilities.

The healing reveals itself as  we are able to stay with our experience in its unmediated arising. Falling deeper into our own ground of being, uncovering our inner resources, allows us to meet everything and anything and transmute it back into love.

In its essence our heart only longs to return to its own wholeness, to its own original innocence. Safe and clear container allows the heart and the body to release the old holding, open into deeper tenderness and love. We offer them an experience that was missing in the first place, that was the primary cause and condition that created the structures of defense and protection in order to not feel the devastation, the abandonment, the loss and the rejection.

Our self-sabotaging beliefs gradually dismantle through a new felt-sense experience of love, of one’s sacredness. A newly discovered sacred connection within ourselves has potency to soften and release our original coping mechanisms and trauma imprints opening space to radical forgiveness and healing.

Healing is a journey back into our sacred connection, it is a journey from defended into undefended living, freeing ourselves from conditioned ways of being and opening space to respond to life with love and allow deeper guidance to enter our heart.

Our pain becomes a sacred wound that is the gateway to healing. As we release our past and reconnect to the flow of love inside of our heart, we reconnect the body with the spirit in the here and now. We re-member our own true nature and expand our heart’s capacity to love and be loved.

Every moment is calling the heart to open, to soften its edges and let love be known, shared, exchanged in sacred communion. As we lean into the unknown, we catch the glimpses of the Great Mystery in its pure unfolding.

Through the reconnection of spirit and body we rest in our fundamental goodness, knowing Love in our inner most being. We are in direct contact with the sacred, with the essential beauty of all existence. As our inner being begins to thrive, our relationships and our whole life thrive as well. The essence of existence, love, moves us into deeper understanding, compassion and peace.

The more we live in sacred connection, life becomes a constant invitation to expand beyond self-imposed limitations and to follow the divine inspiration and unfold in our own myth. We simply rest in eternal embrace of love, we rest in the intimacy of hearts open. The seeking ceases, we are home.