Uncover deeper joy, aliveness and peace in every moment… because you are meant to thrive and be happy.

The sacred lives in our heart. It is our inner capacity to meet life with a radically open present heart. Once our heart becomes available again, we experience a profound shift in our well-being and our capacity to experience love, joy and a deeper sacred connection.

In our sessions we utilize life-cultivation practices of meditation, mindfulness and changing our unhealthy patterns, to open our hearts into deeper authentic feeling and meet ourselves with loving awareness. In the process you are able to shift the self-limiting patterns and emotions into a new vision of honoring your essence and full potential.

We  guide you to enter into a deeper dialog with your heart to transform old pain and challenges into renewed trust, inner peace and presence. By reconnecting to your wellspring of aliveness every moment becomes sacred again.

In the inner space of our open heart our life can heal and change into a truly joyous and miraculous experience.

These are in-depth transformational classes where you can truly change you life.

We meet every Thursday from 6:00-7:20pm
Contribution: $80 per month, $25 drop-in
Location: 70 Cypress Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941

For more information and to sign-up call us at 415.342.0413
We look forward to being with you!