If living a fuller life, filled with more Qi and a deeper alignment with your heart is something you desire to cultivate, then this practice is for you!

In our day-long workshops we teach you powerful self-healing practices to transform your health and your life. We guide you through an inner process of harmonizing your body and emotions while bringing your mind home into deep inner peace. Applying powerful practices of connecting with a universal life-force with self-love will open the doorway into your self-healing.

You will learn how to bring original Qi, life force, back into your cells and your whole body. Simple yet powerful practices using breath and flowing natural movements will bring you to a deeper level of well-being and aliveness.

In each workshop we present to you one of the Yuan Gong Qigong methods that you can take home into your day-to-day life and practice! True transformation of our lives happens moment-to-moment, thus, our life becomes our practice!

We look forward to being with you in the healing space!

The dates for the following months are:
March 9th, April 13th , May 11th, 10:30-5pm in Mill Valley

Contribution: $125, receive $25 discount when you bring a friend
Join us for these uplifting and healing days!