Clinical Kinesiology - Nutritional Kinesiology is Quantum Physics in action. It offers you the possibility to get to the root causes of your specific health challenges and enables us to design customized healing solutions for often complex illness processes. Sessions offered take place either in person or over skype or the phone. read more.

Comprehensive E-Questionnaires - Electronic questionnaires are an easy way for you to send us the information we need for your 1st health consultation.

Zyto Testing - ZYTO technology relies on an array of bio-communication principles and concepts that provides us with deeper insight and information for making decisions related to your personalized program. Zyto Technology is based on a Galvanic Skin Response (GSR). read more

Applied Psycho Neurology (APN) - APN by Dr. Klinghardt is designed to identify your unresolved psycho-emotional conflicts and uncouple these from your nervous system, diffusing the source of chronic illness. Sessions are either in person or over the  phone. read more.

 SERUM-BLOOD TESTING - Why Blood Testing?

A comprehensive blood chemistry panel is by far one of the best metabolic screening tools. It is efficient, effective and affordable. It allows us to quickly assess the degree of imbalances in your body and to track your therapeutic progress over a longer period of time. Blood Panels focus primarily on: sugar metabolism, blood composition, heart-, liver- and kidney health as well as thyroid functioning, gluten sensitivities, gut permeability issues, food allergies, autoimmune disorders and many other common issues. read more

o   Food Sensitivity Testing is based on serum testing (Saliva testing also provides some limited insight, see below). We offer the most comprehensive test: Specialty Testing.

o   Specialty Testing involves cutting edge laboratory tests that assist us in taking a closer look at your gut and immunological issues, which could greatly compromise your health. read more


SALIVA TESTING - Why Saliva Testing?

Sometimes Saliva testing has many advantages over blood testing. Saliva specimen collection does not require a blood draw, is convenient and can be done at work or at home.  read more

o   Stress Hormone/Adrenal Testing (Cortisol, DHEA and others) 

The adrenals play a major role in energy production, muscle and joint function, bone health, immune health, sleep, skin regeneration, thyroid function, fatigue, blood sugar imbalances, allergies and mood disorders. read more

o   Reproductive Hormones (Progesterone, Estrogen, DHEA, Testosterone)

  • Men

    • Male Hormone Panel - The aging process is inevitable. Restoring lost male vitality, however, is within reach. The hormones involved in this restoration can now be collectively measured in one salivary sample using the regular or expanded Male Hormone Panels. read more

  • Women

    • Female Hormone Panel - The Female Hormone Panel is a non-invasive test consisting of 11 saliva specimens collected during specified time periods throughout the menstrual cycle. The ovaries are a major component of the female reproductive cycle, and they release hormones in a cyclical manner, which is referred to as the menstrual cycle. read more

    • Peri- and Postmenopausal Panels - Menopause is a natural and usually gradual change in glandular function, resulting in substantial shifts in hormone levels. read more

o   Food Allergy/Sensitivity Testing

Testing analyzes the antigen-specific secretory IgA in saliva to detect genetically inherited food allergies/sensitivities to the following: read more

  • Wheat (gluten)

  • Eggs (ovalbumin)

  • Cow milk (casein)

  • Soy protein

o   Gluten Sensitivity Testing for Children - read more

o   Gluten Sensitivity - read more



The Regular and Expanded Gastrointestinal Panels™ include comprehensive testing of three stool samples to ensure the most accurate results. We evaluate for pathogens, inflammatory markers, occult blood, and functional markers.

o   Gastro-Intestinal Panel - Testing Bacteria, Yeast and Fungus, Parasites, Gluten Sensitivity, small and large intestine inflammatory markers, gut immune markers, pancreatic digestive strengthen, fecal pH, Antigen testing for Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and Clostridium difficile. read more

o   Intestinal Permeability - Testing for what is commonly called Leaky Gut and more. read more

Cross-Reactive Food Sensitivity Testing - Specialty Testing



Bone Health Panel - Aging is inevitable, and bone reflects the aging process by exhibiting gradual loss of mass. In susceptible individuals, this can cause osteoporosis. Bone metabolism is a continuous, delicate process of balancing ongoing deposition and breakdown. Hormonal balance, nutrition, lifestyle and genetics are all contributing factors to bone metabolism. read more