There is a healing intelligence within our body that carries the seed of our total well-being. Healing occurs when we activate the breath of life that flows through each cell of our body.  As our body unwinds its deep-seated tension patterns and unprocessed emotions, our energy becomes available to us to heal and create the life we long for.

In cranio-sacral therapy we are re-establishing a homeostasis in our nervous system, the 22 bones of our head, the vertebral column, the sacrum, the cranio-sacral fluid and all of the joints and fascia of the body, simultaneously bringing healing: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our body-mind inherently strives for wholeness; thus, when met with healing touch and presence, it begins to unwind its stress patterns back into its natural state of well-being. In the space of deep inner stillness and relaxation the healing begins to take place; the body and mind begin to dialog in deeper coherence which allows our natural healing life-force to begin to flow through us again. 


Clear, non-invasive and gentle touch accompanied by deep listening presence allows the body to gracefully let go of its old holding patterns of tension, stress and trauma.

The touch is placed on the body where there are unresolved patterns of stress and through the power of resonance and the inherent healing intelligence the stress patterns, physical or emotional, can be resolved back into one's natural well-being.

In the session we are re-organizing the whole system back into wholeness and health by unfreezing held places of energy in the CSF,  head sutras, fascia, bones and nervous system, thus reconnecting one's system to the natural inner healing life-force.


Craniosacral therapy is used in treating chronic pain of the joints, back, and neck, headaches, migraines,  fibromyalgia, TMJ, chronic fatigue, scoliosis, ADD and trauma resulting from accidents and concussion.  

Once our patterns of stress are resolved we are not only able to be pain free but also are more deeply connected to our true feelings, our creativity and life itself. Thus, this work uplifts your whole life and brings forth more of you in all life.

Some of the benefits are:

  • release of chronic tension and pain

  • resolve of emotional stress and trauma

  • calm, relaxed and natural state of being

  • increased and clearer energy

  • deeper and more sound sleep

  • easier access to joy and gratitude

  • improved posture and flexibility

  • increased comfort and pleasure in the body

  • deeper harmony and a sense of inner peace