My work with Sasha has been life transforming… finding the still center that “knows” how to awaken the rest of me, my soul, heart and body into awareness…into health. -D.S., healing practitioner-


Would you like to experience greater well-being and harmony in your life? Would you like to experience more inner peace and connection to your source energy? Are you having a health challenge that is taking a long time to heal?

Heart meditations and Qigong address all of the above and more.

We are meant to be healthy, to feel love and to thrive. The essence of healing lies in our heart. If we want to experience deeper harmony in our lives, we are invited to look inside of our heart and meet whatever has not been fully embraced yet.

In these classes we will connect with the vital life-force and bring deep cellular restoration and healing to our bodies. We will enter into a deep and sincere dialogue with our heart, to release and transform unresolved emotions and limiting patterns into a new inner experience that is fully honoring our essence. In the process we reconnect with our source energy and awaken our self-healing power within, feeling vital and clear. 

Healing occurs when we meet our own heart with loving, unconditional presence to awaken pure life-force flowing through each cell of our body. As our body unwinds its deep-seated tensions and unprocessed emotions, our energy becomes available to us to heal and create the life we long for.

Heart Meditations are based on Tong and Ling Yuan (Qigong methods for cultivating healthy life and reaching our true nature) and 20 years of personal explorations of the healing power of the heart.  

This class is inviting you to:

  • Transform stress into vital energy

  • Open your heart to experience deeper love

  • Heal what still needs healing inside of you

  • Strengthen your connection to the source energy

  • Clear limiting beliefs that block your inner power

  • Cultivate deep inner peace, well-being and wisdom

Come and join us for this deeply nourishing and transformative experience. You will feel the difference in yourself!

When : Mondays, 6-7:15pm
Where: Fully Alive Healing Center, 200 Saunders Ave, San Anselmo
Contribution: $90 for 6 classes, $18 drop-in,sliding scale available
Registration required: call 415.342.0413