This is a place to heal your past, to heal your body and to heal your life. You are meant to live fully embodied, alive and radiant life. You are meant to thrive and experience deep love and joy in your life. Deep inner harmony and radiance are already within you, you just need to awaken them.

Awakening Feminine practices are dedicated to empowering and enlivening the feminine within you. Through deep practices of meditation, self-healing, movement and heart listening we are able to shed old skins of beliefs and unprocessed feelings to arrive home in our open heart and radiant nature; our inherent wholeness.

Our wisdom lives in our bodies; our deep aliveness, joy and love live in our bodies. As women our power is in our true feelings. Do you allow yourself to feel the sacredness of your feelings or do you push them away? When we are alive to our feelings, we are alive to the love in our heart. Every feeling is a gateway to the deepest part of you, your true nature.

To live fully alive we must learn to honor every feeling in us and learn how to harvest the deeper gift of it. The feminine embodies the true authentic feelings that guide us moment to moment. When we live in deep inner connection, we are living in harmony with our soul; we know our deepest truth and what is our deepest desire. And that is my sacred invitation to each of us:

Come home into the openness of your heart and embody your inner radiance.

In the Awakening Feminine practices we will explore together:

  • Reclaiming your wholeness and inner radiance

  • Unwinding limiting beliefs and emotions

  • Unlocking your inner wisdom and guidance

  • Healing your body, your heart and your Life

  • Reconnecting to your source energy

  • Awakening deep inner joy and harmony

  • Embodying the Sacred Feminine within

I feel deeply passionate about us women claiming our inner feminine wisdom and living it. Not only we experience grater personal fulfillment through that, but also touch people around us. Deepest wisdom, love and joy live right at the center of our own being. By coming home into our heart we are opening to our creative power and joy that live in our depth.

Since I feel like I’m in a transformative time, I recently decided to join Sasa’s group which is just forming. It was quite wonderful. I really like her clear energy and her gentle way of being. We did some free flowing yet guided movement and then spent some time doing inquiry. It was deep and heart-opening and nourishing. I came away feeling grounded and rejuvenated., ready to meet the the places in me and in my life that have felt challenging of late.
— Kathryn T.

If my invitation calls you in any way call me at 415.342.0413 and I would be happy to speak with you or meet with you to answer any questions you might have.

The energy of pure love heals your cellular structure and transforms your experience of self into its inherent wholeness. Your conditioned beliefs, energy patterns and feeling states, become unwound by your deepened awareness and connection to your inherent innocence. Your life force that has been held by your unresolved experiences becomes available to you for your deep healing and thriving.
— from the Art of Self-Love by Saša Bencina