Healing occurs through the re-connection with the healing intelligence of our being and through the resolve of deep stress patterns in our bodymind. In the space of deep relaxation, safety and trust, as we meet our bodymind with unconditional open presence, we can begin to access our deeper natural energy, our inherent wholeness and well-being.


Our unprocessed experiences, physical and emotional, are held in our bodies as chronic tension patterns of stress and are often the origins of our health challenges.

Our natural healing energy is held dormant due to deep unresolved patterns of stress in our bodymind that keep our nervous system in the sympathetic mode of habitual responding, emotionally and physiologically. Thus, affecting our energy flow, our health and the state of our well-being.

The Bodymind Healing Process offers you an opportunity to reawaken your natural healing energies within your body and mind. It offers you resources of healing bodywork techniques, counseling and energy work to heal your body, mind and heart.

By taking in account your specific needs and desires we co-create most optimal healing program for you. We are available for support also in-between session time to help you navigate through your healing journey.


Healing is a process of reconnecting to the natural life force of well-being within us. It is a process of transforming body tension and trauma into greater ease and relaxation while transforming our deep buried self-limiting beliefs and feeling states into more life-giving and life-uplifting ways of being. 

By accessing our natural healing life-force healing naturally takes place. Gradually our awareness and our energy are able to drop through the layers of feelings, self-beliefs and bodily tension patterns into the space of our original being-ness, our original wholeness, where our nervous system and our energy body can unwind into a deeper state of health and wholeness.