Authentic Movement is a mindfulness practice that invites you to connect with the wisdom of your body and to experience the profundity of how your movement and awareness can heal.

By attuning to your inner experience and following your inner authentic movement, your whole being is able to unwind and return to a natural state of openness and peace. As you fully meet your own heart  and move through blocked energies,

new possibilities of experiencing yourself and others open up.

The gift of being fully present, when you are grounded in your body and fully connected with your heart, is that you can let go of old emotional responses and imprints. You are empowered to step into your authentic expression which reveals to you new possibilities for meeting life.

The group container creates a deeply safe environment for you to make contact with whatever is present for you in your heart. The witnessing support strengthens your own inner listening and enables you to truly meet your own experience with openness and compassion.

The sacred space we co-create honors the whole range of your human experiences from grieving losses to celebrating new beginnings…and everything in between. 

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